Information about COVID-19

Our first two seasons as new owners of Nås Camping were largely dominated by covid…
But now it is suddenly uncertain times for all of us.

We would like to announce that according to the current situation, our campsite in beautiful Dalarna will be open. Here you can still enjoy the tranquility, space and the beautiful nature.

COVID-19/The Corona Virus is a serious and regrettable fact. Right now, it determines the entire news and our lives. We cannot close our eyes to this. This means that we are very busy with it and certainly not pretending like everything is the same as always.

For your and our health we wield a good approach to prevent the spread of bacteria. We intensify the cleaning and disinfecting of our sanitary facilities, doorknobs, buttons and water taps. A matter of course, and currently much more important!

Most guests arrive with their own camper, caravan or tent, this is the place where one determines their own hygiene and safety measures. We take the utmost care for all sanitary- and service facilities in the service building and the reception.There’s access to good soap and warm water on several spots.

Between our camp sites we always maintain a distance of 4 metres. We will pay extra attention to these distances and we will be counting on your full co-operation. This way we can ensure a safe and pleasant stay for everyone.

Concerning the stay in one of our stugas: we will welcome you in one of our thoroughly hygienically cleaned stugas. During your stay, the stuga will need to be cleaned, by you, according to the hygienic rules that we will provide. Because of COVID-19/Corona-hygiene regulations within Swedish standards, there will be no option to choose who will do the final cleaning of the stuga. We, the camp management,will be doing the final cleaning to ensure that the cleaning is done according to our standards and to guarantee a safe stay for the next travellers.

As far as we are concerned, all of the current bookings will stay put. This means that the reservation you had, for all types of stays, will remain reserved.

We are still unsure of what the situation in the summer holidays will look like. When travelling to or within Sweden becomes prohibited, everyone will be able to cancel their stay until one week in advance. In this situation, we will wield 15% of the original price as cancellation costs.

We would like to ask everyone to NOT come to our camping if you’re experiencing symptoms of a cold, the flu and/or COVID-19/Corona. If you have any questions concerning the information we have provided you with: be sure to give us a call or send us an e-mail!

We warmly welcome you to our camping but as of now we will not shake hands and maintain the social distance of 1.5 metres.

Kind regards,

John and Nicole


Nås Camping Dalarna
Storängsvägen 14
78693 Nås