Who are we?

We are John (born in Rotterdam, Holland) and Nicole Kloet (born in Berlin, Germany) and in April 2020 we moved with our RV/camper, car and dog from Rotterdam, to our new home in Sweden.

Here we live in a beautiful former farm house in the same village a few kilometres from the campsite. We like to help with tips for the onward journey, are always open for questions during your trip through Scandinavia, even if you just come here for a cup of coffee or to empty/fill up the camper.

We have fallen in love with Sweden when travelling with our RV/campervan through mainly northern Scandinavia and are extremely happy to have found this beautiful place to stay permanently.

We can’t think of anything better than sharing our love for this campsite, the village and the surroundings with our guests.
Anything nicer than to see most of our guests setting up their camp after arrival and then collecting their paddles and safety vests for their canoes, fishing with their fishing rods or taking the time for a refreshing morning swim just before leaving.

Here, nothing is an obligation and everything is possible, and we like to share the Swedish simplicity of beautiful nature, peace and space.

Lagom in the broadest sense of the word.

Varmt Välkommen, 💛💙
Greetings John and Nicole!